What our clients think of us
I have had the opportunity to work with MASMI on a few projects, out of which some were quite challenging to implement. This fact was actually an additional reason to choose MASMI as a supplier, since my impression of them was so consistently positive: they are the team of knowledgeable researches who consult you in the best manner from the very initial stage of project planning to the reporting stage.
Knowledge they put behind advising clients on proper methodology choice, research tools creation, high quality fieldwork execution and insightful reports, make them a true business partner with strong orientation to the client business needs.
MASMI’s dedication, professionalism and reliability just enhance the impression of overly productive and enjoyable cooperation that I, as a client, am happy to continue.  
Marija Radovanovic,
Consumer Marketing Research, NIS Gazprom Neft Serbia (covering markets of Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Bosnia&Herzegovina)

Holcim (Serbia) Ltd. is collaborating with MASMI agency for several years now, to our mutual satisfaction. MASMI agency is characterized by dedication, adherence to deadlines, and professionalism in dealing with us as clients, as well as with our customers as research subjects, which is especially important in our industry. What makes MASMI a very valuable partner for us, is the fact that they were willing to take the time to understand our business, our industry and our customers during every project. It always leads to a high level of mutual understanding and improvement of the initial ideas, and finally to the quality of conducted work.
Petar Blagojević
Marketing manager

Given that the company Somboled/Lactalis Serbia does not start any of its strategic business activities (new product development, working on promotional campaigns…) without relevant market research, we are well aware of how important it is to have good and reliable partner in this area. With great pleasure I can say that, in the course of many years of cooperation, MASMI agency has become a truly reliable and good partner to us, utmost respected and honored in our head office in France.
Regardless of the type of research: qualitative, quantitative, product tests, … maximum commitment to the job and to the client, professionalism, proactiveness, good organization and flexibility are always present among all members of the agency. I am confident that our cooperation, which so far has brought very good results, will only expand in the years to come, to our mutual satisfaction.
Goran Stefanović
Director of Marketing

MASMI employees are very interested in finding optimal “tailor made” solutions, dedicated, reliable and above all professional in their work, and show a strong desire and creativity in order to effectively achieve set objectives. Through its innovative solutions and clear reporting, agency has greatly contributed to better informing and faster decision-making in our bank, both on strategic and operational levels.
In other words, MASMI agency is a unique partner that adds value to their clients by understanding business challenges and shows flexibility in finding solutions, and as such I recommend it for similar businesses where there is an opportunity for full-scale application of its expertise and professionalism in working with other clients.

Bojana Ušćumlić

Head of Strategy, Data-mining & Intelligence


Superior service is the key to increasing number of customers, increased sales and profits, and thus the foundation for long-term success. Therefore, LUNA decided to conduct Mystery Shopping survey and hire consultants from MASMI. MASMI consultants contribution to the project was in the form of recommendations and suggestions that were very helpful in the preparation and implementation of LUNA sales staff training, aiming to improve the quality of services.
Biljana Jovanović

Wanting to improve our market position, we decided to direct one part of our business toward B2C, for what we needed assistance of someone who is more familiar with that segment than we are. The results we obtained collaboratively with MASMI exceeded our expectations. Something that recently we could only guess about, has assumed clear and outlined course in terms of market potential, inclination and needs of the target population and definition of marketing strategies.
MASMI has the capacity and understanding for small and medium-sized companies and can provide the required service, saving them time and resources. We recommend MASMI to other companies, because we are convinced of the expertise and dedication MASMI team, and throughout our collaboration also in the importance of market research for making good business decisions.
Director, Miodrag Tomić

For several years now, and to our mutual satisfaction, OMV Serbia cooperate with the agency MASMI.
Promptness, the speed of the work and the correctness of the data is why we repeatedly work with this agency. Professional approach and respecting deadlines makes our work easier and leads to a simpler implementation of the project.
Mutual understanding, accurate and well executed projects and accurate reporting is exactly why we  recommend MASMI for long-term and successful cooperation.
Sanja Gajić
Specialist Category Management, Gastro Department

“The main characteristics of MASMI team are top notch professionalism, cooperativeness, respect of agreements, flexibility and adaptability to specific needs. Their partnership and ease of collaboration contributed to the overall success of our recent completion of the project “Strengthening Consumer Protection in Serbia.”
Warmly recommended to all those who are interested in professionalism and efficiency in every respect. ”
Thierry Bourgoignie, team leader and legal expert
IPA project “Strengthening Consumer Protection in Serbia”

Although they are 13 years old, the only thing they have in common with a teenager’s is youthful spirit and great enthusiasm. Professionalism, experience, quality, patience and great communication – is what sets MASMI agency apart. Collaboration with them is a real pleasure, because their patience to listen to all our requests, to provide quality and creative proposals, and what is very important – comply with the agreed terms, is the true refreshment.
Zvezdana Krstonošić
Specialist in marketing communications