Service quality & customer satisfaction

What do they want and what do we offer?

We consider a service provided to customers as a range of activities designed so as to upgrade the level of customer satisfaction. This is why we have a holistic approach to development of your relations to your customers and clients, attempting to grasp the issue from both sides – to explore customer opinions, perceptions, and needs, and “get into” your organization and explore the level of provided service and how it may be improved. We take into consideration the fact that different factors may interact, increasing the synergy effect.

Into more detail

When needed, we support our research solutions of Customer satisfaction and Mystery shopping by:

  • Establishing the key aspects which are the base of your customer loyalty and attachment
  • Analysing customer loyalty profiles
  • Identifying strategic points where it is necessary to improve the quality of what is offered to the client as well as the strengths you should rely on
  • Developing and continually measuring the set of Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Providing support to the strategy of developing relations with customers through development and implementation of action plans
  • Gain an insight into employee achievements and behaviour
  • Evaluating the standards set
  • Additionally motivating and training employees