The number of online shoppers in Serbia shows a growth of 9% during the second half of March, April and the first half of May this year compared to the period before COVID-19 epidemic. The number of online shoppers* in Serbia reached 43% of the population over 15 years of age. Additionally 4% of the citizens of Serbia e-shopped with someone’s help**.

Clothing and footwear dominate the e-commerce with 2 out of 3 online shoppers who are purchasing these products. Other product categories lag significantly: close to 30% of online shoppers are purchasing electronic devices and telephones, every fourth is making accommodation reservations, and every fifth orders food delivery, cosmetics, and sports equipment online.

Still only one in ten citizens purchases groceries and household supplies, and those are mainly more experienced shoppers who buy various products and services online. Nevertheless, this category showed one of the greatest potentials for growth during the first wave of COVID-19 and the state of emergency.

* Online payment of utility and other bills is not included
** Someone was shopping for them


CATI (telephone survey)

Recruitment: nationally representative quota sample

Questionnaire: up to 10 minutes in length


Population of the Republic of Serbia

Age: 15+ years

Quotas according to the age, gender, region


Sample size: 1253 respondents

Coverage: the sample represents population of the Republic of Serbia by gender, age and regions

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